Helped me see a bit of heaven
On earth
Helped to define my worth
And my purpose
My goal
The true calling of my soul
Started the year off reconnecting
Reaching out and opening up
Healing old wounds
And assessing relations
Learned a lot about self
And my vocation
Discovered new talents
And old friends
Focused on joy, love and compassion
Discovered inner peace is in fashion
Realized that my health and my vision
Are interlinked
The more I strive toward my calling
The clearer my mind is
To think
And process and envision
Released myself
Assigned my own mission
Gave 100% in all my endeavors
Survived the sunny and the stormy weather
Has been faith in action
Guided by the spirit
Fueled by love
A taste of heaven on Earth
2011 was a new birth
And now I prepare for 2012
Inspired by hope
Working toward a vision
More prepared for life’s mission
So farewell 2011
Thank you for the lessons
On to another year
Another blessing

11 thoughts on “2011

  1. Wow. I love this!!!!! Way to tribute and say farewell! 2011 was a very good year for me when compared to the trials of 2010. I’m lookin forward to the new year and many more successes!

  2. tears, thoughts and many emotions! This was beautiful and I am now reflecting on much needed moments…. thank you for sharing such a beautiful poem!


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