What’s New?

What’s new? Are you? Because each day I am striving to Uplift myself Stay focused on the path Feel guidance from within Walk without sin What’s new? My thoughts and my deeds The way I address my needs The way I care for God’s creations A renewed motivation A newness of life and love A […]

Nourish Your Temple

The say the body is a temple An edifice dedicated to the service Or worship of a divine being An entity in which God dwells A place of meaning Deserving of respect, honor and care Preparations must be made The first of these is prayer Aligning the mind with the Divine Expressing gratitude Giving glory […]

Just A Being

I’m done being human From now on I am just a being A conscious mortal existence Life No longer bound By the nature of human frailty I am the substance of nature The epitome of Divine creation Lacking no essential characteristics The absolute essence Of completion The pre-cognitive form of love The one thought made […]

Sit and Be Still

Day, Peace and After In the light of the sun The Day arises Giving us the world Offering us infinite wisdom And optimal opportunity If we are willing to do our duty Sit and be still Listen with your heart Feel the Peace and After The stillness The Divine The focus and intuition Found in […]