Lenten Season 2012

According to dictionary.com Lent is: (in the Christian religion) an annual season of fasting and penitence in preparation for Easter, beginning on Ash Wednesday and lasting 40 weekdays to Easter, observed by Roman Catholic, Anglican, and certain other churches.

For me Lent is always a reminder for me to strive for my best self. It is a yearly opportunity for me to set HIGH goals and achieve them. I encourage anyone who has failed on their new year’s resolutions to use Lent as an opportunity to begin again. And no you don’t have to be Catholic to practice Lent. It’s about self-discipline, fasting and connecting with the Divine within. This year I have put a lot of thought into the practices I am committed to pursuing this Lent. Now that I have finally sat down and laid out my Lenten Program, I’m super excited!!!

Here’s my plan-
For my spirit: Recommitting to my 4am yoga and meditation, no exceptions.
For my mind: Daily journal/poetry writing (posted to blog)
For my body: Starting off with a 4 day ease into the master cleanse, followed by a 3 day ease out. Then on to a 10 day juicing detox as described in the documentary Food Matters. Then the last 3 weeks will be 100% Raw!!!!

After Easter the goal is to maintain these lifestyle changes. Keep up the yoga and meditation. Journal daily even if it’s not post worthy. Maintain a 60%-75% Raw diet, juice daily, eliminate diary (except yogurt), cut flour and sugar down to a bare minimum.

Feel free to join me! And post comments or link back your own Lenten journey.

Much success to you all!

A Love Supreme.


2 thoughts on “Lenten Season 2012

  1. Truly Inspiring!!! I love that you laid out a specific and time-oriented plan for you Lenten experience. A surefire way to ensure you can and will manage all of the goals laid out for your experience.

    I came up with a plan for myself as well. I liked how you focused on Mind, Body, and Spirit, and I hope you don’t mind that I did the same 🙂

    SPIRIT – Have a Conversation with God on a daily basis, rather than just speaking to Him in passing throughout my day. Read my Holy Bible at least 3 times each week.

    MIND – Think 1 positive thought and 1 thought of gratitude 3 times daily (6 good thoughts total)

    BODY – Increase my exercise from 2-4 days per week to a consistent 5 days per week. No processed/added sugar.

    I’m looking forward to my own Journey, and to joining you on yours!!

    Best Wishes to all who try! The most important thing is that you take the risk of success by trying!!

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