Talk To Me, Tree

Talk to me tree of righteousness

Embrace me in the sound of your voice

Tell me the story of my legacy

Assure me in my choice

Pluck the chords of my soul

Release my inner being with your bow

Echo the hopes of my heart

Guide the rhythm of my life

Upright bass


(Poem inspired why listening to Jimmy Garrison’s solo on John Coltrane’s Suite, from the album Transition)

8 thoughts on “Talk To Me, Tree

  1. Obviously that recording made a deep impression on you. Your poem makes a very strong impression as well.

    I like the connection I believe you are implying between the tree, and the string instrument made from its wood.

    I also like the tension (something like a string on an instrument pulled taut from being anchored at both ends) between the longing and the trust that the tree will provide what is being longed for. Beautiful work.

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