Sit and Be Still

Day, Peace and After

In the light of the sun

The Day arises

Giving us the world

Offering us infinite wisdom

And optimal opportunity

If we are willing to do our duty

Sit and be still

Listen with your heart

Feel the Peace

and After

The stillness

The Divine

The focus and intuition

Found in

Prayer and Meditation


Evening, Affirmation

As the darkness sets in

The mix of light and dark

Evening forms a color band

From which we all are comprised

The yellows, purples and blues

Deepening from dusk

To the black of night

Reminding us of our

Celestial flight

Our complex simplicity

Our ability to evolve mentality

All we must do is simply

Sit and be still

Remember God’s will

An Affirmation of our creation

Practiced in

Prayer and Meditation



In the quiet of the night of day

Where late meets early

The atmosphere is calm

The mind is clear

The temple open

Sit and be still

Practice 4AM devotion

Connection is established

Currents flowing

Molding the mind anew

Encoding with gratitude

Finding love within

Joy and elation

All from the practice of

Prayer and Meditation


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