Nourish Your Temple

The say the body is a temple

An edifice dedicated to the service

Or worship of a divine being

An entity in which God dwells

A place of meaning

Deserving of respect, honor and care

Preparations must be made

The first of these is prayer

Aligning the mind with the Divine

Expressing gratitude

Giving glory and honor

Requesting the hearts desires

Listening close and being led

Feeding the soul with prayer

And the body with food

Nourish your temple

Cherish it

Give it life

Help in grow

Build it up

Only ingest what you sow

Give to the temple

That which is of God

No man-made experiments

Known to do harm

No taste bud stimulants

Or carcinogens

Nor unlabeled packages meant to deceive

Only pure natural plants from real Earth seeds

Developed by God

Not executives and VIP’s

Living food for the living temple

Of the Living God

Nourish your temple

Prepare it for occupation

Sustain your body

Reach salvation


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