Universal Sound

Trane was looking for a universal sound

One that could make the lost found

He wanted to reach everyone equally

He wanted to lift you up spiritually

He asked God for a gift and was open to receive

He gave his all to his music and led others to believe

Through his universal sound

We can find some common ground

Unite in peace, love, and perfection

For all of creation

Live in brotherhood

Forgetting poverty and war

Living clean and doing right

Remembering what life is for

Being fruitful in those things of beauty

Trustworthy and committed to our duty

This universal sound has no bounds

It is open for all to experience

But you must believe in the mysterious

Things beyond your logic and understanding

Into the universe of ever-expanding

Vibratory communication

Facilitating your elevation

Bringing you directly in the presence

Of the Almighty’s essence


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