Open Your Eyes

I don’t have a poem to write today but I do have something to say. Seems like in the last couple of weeks my eyes have been opened to the reality of this world, and the lack of love of the people. I am not surprised by this but I am surprised by the lack of an out cry and the complacency that people have. People seem to be so content with their lives. They care not where the food comes from, how their clothes and gadgets are made, nor at what cost. As long as people have their hot dogs and HD TV no one complains. As long as they can access the internet and listen to their music, no one complains. Well I am here to complain for everyone. I am here to speak for my generation and to speak up for the future. I will not be among those who did nothing while their future was thrown to the slaughter. I will stand and plead and fight for our basic rights. I will not believe that we are free simply because we have the ability to purchase anything we want, or say/post our every thoughts. Freedom is not the ability to choose your favorite American Idol. Freedom is a concept beyond most people’s imagination. To be truly free would allow for true control of your own destiny, your own food supply, your own quality education and your own faith. The illusion of freedom gives only the illusion of choice (many options but the same source and same result) resulting in no choice at all.

Think about your food supply. 80-90% of the food is made from genetically modified organisms. So who cares if you choose Cheerios or Corn Flakes? You have no real choice, same seeds, same manufactures, same companies, same distributors. Tricking you into thinking you have a choice but you’re just choosing between packages. This is not to say that you can not find food that is actually still “natural” or “organic” but the fact that these are not readily available or priced comparably to the mass-produced food leaves so many with no choice at all.

I could go on and on and touch on every aspect of life, from the child labor factories that produced this MacBook I’m writing on, to the environmental pollution that comes from me having to put gas in my tank. It’s just the lack of responsibility of these big companies, and the lack of love in the CEO’s and government leaders. It’s time for a change. It’s time for a revolution in all areas of our lives. It time to stand up for right and fight the GOOD fight. It’s time to open your eyes!

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