That One Initial Beat

I want you to feel your heart beat

Really feel it pumping

Transporting all you need

From your head to your feet

Moving the oxygen you breathe

With no heart there’s no life

So it only makes sense that

It all started with a beat


All of life started

With that one initial beat

The spark that set everything in motion

To grow sustain and live

It started with a beat

After the 500 million entry competition

That one determined sperm on a mission

Entered the largest cell in a woman’s existence

Two becoming one so unique

Individual, original, never obsolete

At the instant of fertilization

Height, looks, health and character

All programmed in: creation

Yet until the blood flows

There is no supply of nutrients

No way to grow

But when that cluster of cells decides

That it is time to come alive

One single cell starts to stir

Jolting to life, starting the vibe

Sparking a chain reaction

The first of billions of contractions

Miraculously the other cells join in

Beating in perfect unison

Joining in the distinct vibration

The initial spark of creation

That one initial beat

That stays on constant repeat

That one initial beat

That sparks you to being

That one initial beat

The universe agreeing

That you have arrived and have meaning

This poem was inspired by the formation of the human as described in the above video “In The Womb” at 2:09 seconds in it illustrates that first heart beat and it inspired me to focus on the beat of life, the vibration and the miracle of creation.

I hope you enjoyed it!

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