Life is Real

I have so many thoughts on my mind

Feeding me fuel to write these rhymes

But at times it seems

That this life is a dream

And the cruelties of today

Were written in the script of a play

And we’re all just playing our part

Waiting for the credits to start

So we can shed these costumes, accents, and back stories

Return to real life and try to live holy

If this life were a fantasy

It would not bother me to see

Children dying of hunger and sickness

War and terrorism for all to witness

Young and old suffering abuse

Neglect and disrespect with no excuse

If this life had no meaning

I wouldn’t mind seeing

Companies more valued than people

Money controlling all things legal

The destruction of the poor

The thirst for war

The greed of more, more, more

The disconnect from Mother Earth

The lack of self-worth

If this life were pretend

Then maybe I could comprehend

The loss of so many souls

To the worship of gold

Or the glorification of sin

Instead of trying to transcend

But this life is no delusion

Despite all the confusion

There is a purpose and a reason

You don’t have to be heathen

Maintain your honor and dignity

Strive for good willfully

It’s within your ability

Just pursue diligently

Rewrite the script of your life

Fight for what is right

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