A Poem A Day

Writing a poem everyday is quiet a challenge

Didn’t know what I was getting into

But I think I can manage

Stepping up to the blank document

Praying for inspiration that’s heaven sent

Uplifting and contains meaning

Inspiration, and motivation

To continue on in my progress

And development

Producing something of beauty

And love for the whole world to see

Small expressions of me

On a page for all to see

Writing everyday

Is like opening your soul

Pouring it out

Without a doubt or fear

Brining others near

To my heart and mind

Strengthening my connection with the Divine

More than just passing the time

Truly reflecting

And introspecting

Writing as mind protection

Writing a poem everyday

Is a high expectation

Something to strive for

And look forward to

Something to keep me on my toes

And each day work toward something new

Therapy by pen

My ever-listening friend

Not just rhymes and pros

But an opportunity to grow

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