Poison surrounds our lives

From the air we breathe

To the water we drink

To the food we eat

To the thoughts we think

The clothes that we wear

The products for our hair

The cosmetics and detergents

Detoxification is urgent

Me must rid ourselves of the corruption

Which seeks to cause harm and destruction

There is need for a deep cleansing

Requiring focus of mind and intuitive sensing

We must relearn how to think act and behave

Before we dig our own grave

Leaning on a system hungry for riches

Unconcerned with our wishes

Thinking it will place our needs

Above it’s greed


Detoxify your mind first

Rediscover your worth

Look deeply into history

See the heart of power beyond the mystery

Realize the system believes in self-preservation

Regardless of the nation

Remove the barriers of disbelief

And realize the system is the thief

Stealing your ability to increase

Your health and your peace

Feeding you “food like” substances

That cause sickness and death

Providing you with beauty products

That steal your youth and take your breath

Polluting the air with chemicals of destruction

Negatively affecting your sexual reproduction

Detoxify your life

From within and without

Makes changes for your own protection

Be a survivor of natural selection

The time is now

While you can figure out how

Before the contagion is systemized

Leading only to our demise

Detoxify now

Open your eyes look around

Search for the answers while they can be found

Go back to nature and the joy of hard work

Because this easy way has done nothing but hurt

The call for change is here

Move without fear

Detoxify your life, start a new

You can’t say I didn’t tell you

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