He Will Remake Us

He Will Remake Us

Reflection By Marlee-I Mystic as published in the March edition of Expression

What does it mean to be remade? I mean for those of us who are already walking in faith, living the life of devotion, striving to be a force for good. What does it mean to be remade? To be brought into a new existence by shaping or changing materials or combining parts. To be put in the proper condition or state. How is this done but in the mind? God will remake our consciousness. “He always has”- meaning any raise in consciousness has been by God. Any sense of enlightenment we achieve is by God remaking us. God shaping us, changing the material we relate to as us. Combining the knowledge we have in our minds to gain a new perspective. Allowing us to be placed in our proper state, preparing us for the eternal remake of life everlasting. “He always has, He always will.” God will remake our minds and our consciousness to perfection.

This remake by God also manifest in the physical realm. Supreme Mother Marina and I were talking about the physical body working in cycles of 7 years. Science has concluded that the cells in the body are completely remade every 7 years. Can you believe that? Every 7 years, every cell in the body has been replaced, has entered into a new existence. As we grow our cells must be remade. There is evidence all around of God’s power to remake us: from the healing of wounds, to the growing of hair and nails, to the development of the mind. God will remake us.

This is truly encouraging, especially for me. This section of the Psalm speaks to me daily. For more than two years now, I have been suffering with health issues. My body physically has undergone wounds, aches and pains, fatigue and severe breakdowns. There was a point where I could not walk, could not lift my own child. But God has continually remade me. Restored my mobility, renewed my strength and continually renewed my faith. All from God. And I lean on these words of our Patron Saint to encourage me on my path. To give me comfort in those times when I am physically weak. Knowing that “He will remake us, He always has, and He always will. It is true. Blessed be His name. Thank You God.” Knowing these words to be true allows me to be focused on my healing and remain waiting on the Lord to do what I know He will…remake me.

One thought on “He Will Remake Us

  1. Very Inspiring!! I didn’t realize our cells renewed every 7 years, WOW!!! Miracles are all around us at all time! Praise God!

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