Do you seek accelerated growth?
Are you ready to make a long awaited change but feel blocked, shutdown or stuck?
Do you see yourself repeating negative patterns?
Are you in need of a release of the emotional stress built up from your past?
Do you feel held back by traumatic life experiences or past lives?

The source of many of these issues are linked to our unconscious. Rebirthing is a simple yet powerful and safe way to activate and release these issues, bringing them to the surface for healing and cleansing. The results are remarkable bringing about changes that may have been previously difficult to achieve.



The rebirthing process increases our ability to feel and resolve the effects of our past. Rebirthing feels good and allows for suffering to be optional. Using deep connected breaths stress is relieved; tensions are released and the flow of creativity and intuition are accelerated. The rebirthing experience allows one the ability to acquire more health, vitality, joy and aliveness.

When people come to a rebirther, there is something inside of them ready to heal. They have been searching for something to assist them in overcoming the issues of the past. Our trained rebirther will guide you to breathe fully; activating and increasing the physical and spiritual energy in the body, allowing for the body to find it’s gentle relaxed rhythm and bringing in more of the life force energy. This life force energy is able to move through your body and mind bringing to awareness all areas that were previously blocked.

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