Ocean of Truth

Oh ocean of truth
Take me in your bosom
Envelop me completely
Let the tide rip away my pride
And spread me wide
To cover the globe
And heal my soul
Let the blue green shallows
Purify my throat and heart
Love inspired communication
To heal the nation
Embrace me in your rapid foams of white light
Divine inspiration constantly rolling in
As I move deeper and further from the comfort of the shore
To the destination of the ocean floor
Where no light is found
Yet life prevails and abounds
Oh ocean of truth
Take me to a place of knowing without needing proof
Free me from the bondage of land
Rock me in your waves
Soothe me to understand
Without a plan
Give me peace in the billows storm
Solitude in the crowd
Help me to stand proud
And emerge from the depths
With nothing left
A new creature
Creating a new habitat
A new earth
A new understanding
A piece of peace
Dwelling in me and all I meet
Oh ocean of truth
Catch me when I fall
And teach me not to drift
But direct
Conscious and erect
Every ready to protect
The mission and divine will
Working for the future
Yet ever present
Oh ocean of truth
Wash me clean

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