Master Creators

Time flying by

As we continue to try

And grow

Steadily expanding

And demanding

The world to give us what we need

To grant us our desires

To align our desires with the yearning of our soul

To completely make us whole

Day after day

Year after year

Time after time

We continue to find ourselves



Patiently anticipating

The coming of all things

Great and small

The abundance of the universe belongs to us all

We create our reality

Our true existence

Nothing is a mistake or coincidence

Universal laws

The same ones that rule the stars

Hold us in orbit

Anchored to our thoughts

Our emotions

Our focus

Whether we drift

Or we backslide

We are all along for the ride

Spinning and twisting

In the vortex of possibilities

Some not knowing who they are

Just bystanders

Instead of Captains

Maneuvering their starship

Through focus

And good vibrations

Master creators

Saviors of nations




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