What Does John Coltrane Mean To Me?

What does John Coltrane mean to me?


John Coltrane set me free

I mean I recognize God in each person

But the reflection of Him in John

Coltrane’s sound is so certain

It so present and so ubiquitous

Evoking God into your very soul

Repeated listening is the only way to get with this

Just like prayer is required repeatedly

Well listening is the same

And for me is even clearer to see

The power of God

Changing and rebuilding

Moving barriers and providing understanding

Linking me with the Divine

Coltrane helps to clear my mind

Keep me on track

Moving forward never looking back

I mean John Coltrane has formed my life

Since the womb I been receiving

The initial thought pattern that changes thinking

I’m born in sound

Not just any sound

The anointed sound

Above others by leaps and bounds

Able to lift you up from the ground

That’s what Coltrane means to me

And so much more

Just open your ears and see

See the abundance and unity

See the sincere expression of spirituality

See the struggle and the victory

See yourself elevate consciously

Just open your ears and see

In fact, open your ears and be

Be transformed and renewed

Be steadfast in all you pursue

Understand that you too can be a force for good

You can be an example of how we should

Walk righteously

Taking each step decidedly

This is what John Coltrane does for me

And so much more

Being held in his sound

Embraces me at the core

In my waking hours or in my sleep

I feel the vibration penetrate total and complete

Activating my relaxation response

Attributing to my healing renaissance

More powerful than any sound ever before heard

His horn even speaks words

Directly to my soul

Speaking truths

Getting my mind under control

And if his horn wasn’t enough

His pearls of wisdom get me through the tough

Times of inhibition

Keeps me focused and reminded of the mission

The words of wisdom of John Coltrane

Take in-depth topics and makes them plain

From cosmic studies to metaphysics

Coltrane makes them so simplistic

Speaking on religious ideals

Struggles that are so real

Coltrane knows how I feel

And has compassion for my shortcomings

Helps me to love my self

He keeps the love coming

So, like I said from the start

John Coltrane means EVERYTHING to me

He opens my heart

4 thoughts on “What Does John Coltrane Mean To Me?

  1. LOVE IT!!! I agree, I felt your flow and can tell this one came rolling out of your Heart! ❤ Pure beauty and inspiration.. So glad you're back into your writing! It's where you belong 😀

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