Feeling Good

Feeling so good surrounded by this anointed sound of Saint John Coltrane
Feeling the frequencies of sacred crystals
Immersed in sacred text
Revealing life beyond the flesh
Life beyond what’s next
Life with no beginning and no end
Everlasting vibrating frequency
Empty space
Full spirit
Manifesting existence without retreat
Celestial being whole and complete
Control of mind, thoughts, body, and soul
Existing on this plane and dimension
While elevating to the fourth and fifth
Definitive in purpose
Never drift
In atonement with the creative force
In alignment with universal laws
At peace when still
Enlivened by nature and beauty
In gratitude in every mood
Feeling abundance even in a world of lack
Focused intention manifesting blessing after blessing
Trusting in the fact
Jah will provide
Third eye on the goal at all times
Chakras balanced and activated
I am
I feel
I do
I love
I speak
I see
I overstand
Aura shining so pure and clear
Navigating this realm with no fear
Force the creative force moves in me
So free
So gently
It is I and I am she
Nadies filled with positive vibrations
And collective production
Feeling so good in communion with the ancestors
The spirits
The angels
The orishas
The light bodies
Kindred spirits manifested in separate times
Yet united in energy, light and vibration
Visiting those able to manifest a new nation
One of overstanding
Love and peace
Where the focus is co-creation
Not greed
But the need to feed the spirit
Positive vibrations for all to feel it
Consciousness transformation for the healing
The healing of our soul
Our environment
Our earthly bodies
And our mindset
A Love Supreme
Feeling so good surrounded by these sacred frequencies
Daily immersion in vibration
For my souls convergence
With the all in all

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