Using Lies as Alibis

I’m surprised

That’s I’m still hurt by your lies

I’m surprised that

You can look me in my eyes

And tell me a blatant lie

I’m surprised that

You say you love me

Then live your life like a secret spy

I’m surprised that a woke AF sister like me

I keep letting you slide

Based on a lie

Parked in my favorite reflective spot

I had to take a minute and get some space

Cuz this nigga be lying to my face

And I don’t feel safe

In a home where truth is not sacred

Where ego and pride and hiding are more common place

I don’t feel safe for my emotional self

Cuz lying ass niggas bring the violence out in me

Wanna bust you in the mouth

Where those lies spout out

Want to pluck out your eyes

That strive so hard to remain in contact

Without revealing the window to the soul

The window to the dark and dank place

That is seeping through your skin

Your words

Every verb

An action toward

The father of lies

Serving Satan without even trying

Deception and lies has become your 2nd nature

Maybe even the 1st

Cuz faking this truth

Faking this love

Faking this connection

Was never natural for you.

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