No Problem

I’m bout to write myself out this funk

People been calling me with all they junk

Feeling like what the fuck

Been trying to move forward

But I’m feeling stuck

Can’t stand when people come in my space

With negative vibrations

Throwing off my balance

Making me show my talons

Slice ’em up

Spit ’em out

Scream and shout

That ain’t what I’m about

I’m trying to find the truth

Be the living proof

Of what it look like

When you work hard

On yourself

Control your thoughts

Not lead by emotion

No magic potion

Hard work and determination

To not be lead by Satan

Or the ill vibes

The bad that hide as the good

The ones who tell you what you should

Or what you did

Or who you are

Or what you know

Cuz they never know

Don’t even know themselves

How you gone walk my trail

It’s a trail of tears

Shedding fears

Stepping bold


Freeing my soul

100% Sovereign

No problem

Cuz I’m royalty

No problem

I got an army with me

No problem

I been a straight shooter

No problem

Keep it so real

They call me the real deal

No problem

Shit I ain’t gotta

No problem

I don’t even pick them up

No problem

Go inward to solve them

No problem

Transmute them into opportunities

No problems

And I don’t want none


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