Look At Me

When you look at me What do you see? An earthy brown complexion Hair that inspires questions Lips: full, round and wide Nose: full, round and wide Eyes deep, dark with pride When you look at me do you see Black Brown African American Colored Negro Nigger When you see me Does it make you […]

Coltrane Challenge – Day 1

Yesterday I began my Coltrane Immergence Week in hopes of getting my ears cleaned. As I continue this journey up Mystic Mountain, searching for true meaning and discipline, I have been reminded that my spiritual guide is the music and wisdom of John Coltrane. After just one day of blocking out the negative vibrations of […]

Becoming Anew

I nominate Sam for his piece “From My Window” He made me remember my city nights in SF.     Becoming anew Listening Believing Trusting Learning Changing Growing Maturing Transitioning Metamorphosing Becoming anew In this life That is what we do Exceeding those rife With despair Ascending our souls Still — in midair Absolute, total, […]

Vision Quest

I’m on a vision quest I’m on a vision quest Not taking a rest Marching on down this vision quest To my freedom To my peace To A Love Supreme A vision quest Walking up mount mystic Feeling spiritualistic Got my mind untwisted And I’m lifted Up By the sounds By the vibrations Not giving […]

Can You Stand? (Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally- Week 30)

Can You Stand? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery When Bob said it we weren’t listening Just look at the state we’re living in The people are suffering each and everyday And everybody got so much to say But the words that they speak Come out so weak With no substance, and no hope They walk […]