Connecting The Dots: #ImAWalkingProtest

Connecting The Dots: Why I wear warpaint. #ImAWalkingProtest


Compassion That’s what needs to happen The suffering of this world Is way above our heads Wickedness is ruling Going full steam ahead Wrongs are now right In this everlasting fight Realities and fictions are now one Brainwashing the people With forces of destruction Compassion is what needs to happen No more can we feed […]

God Don’t Give Up On Me

God Don’t Give Up On Me I never thought God would give up on me That He could actually flee And let me be Wallowing in my iniquity For I know all things done in darkness  He can see as in the light of day And even the invisible thoughts and actions He sees clearly […]


    Do you seek accelerated growth? Are you ready to make a long awaited change but feel blocked, shutdown or stuck? Do you see yourself repeating negative patterns? Are you in need of a release of the emotional stress built up from your past? Do you feel held back by traumatic life experiences or […]