We Know

We are moving right along in the Coltrane Immergence Week and I am so thankful. Day 4 was another success. This week has flown by and I have been super productive. Success has been bountiful and I look forward to another 3 intensive days to finish off the Coltrane Challenge! Once again I have been […]

Help Me Resolve

Moving on in the Coltrane Challenge, and day 3 was another success. Listened to a variety of Coltrane and enjoyed every note! Blessed to have been granted another piece based off the lyrics to A Love Supreme. Enjoy! “God is all/ Help us resolve our fears and weaknesses/ In you all things are possible/ Thank […]

Beautiful Peace

I am thankful that Coltrane Challenge Day 2 was another success! Listening to Ole Coltrane all day was nice. But what was even better was listening to KPOO FM online and getting 4 straight hours of John Coltrane. I suggest you all tune in every Tuesday from 12-4 PST, that’s some good listening. I am […]

Coltrane Challenge – Day 1

Yesterday I began my Coltrane Immergence Week in hopes of getting my ears cleaned. As I continue this journey up Mystic Mountain, searching for true meaning and discipline, I have been reminded that my spiritual guide is the music and wisdom of John Coltrane. After just one day of blocking out the negative vibrations of […]

All I Can

John Coltrane opens up the Psalm – A Love Supreme saying: “I will do all I can to be worthy of Thee O Lord/It all has to do with it/Thank you God” This speaks to my true ambition, goal and aim. Shouldn’t it be all of our goals to work our way to being worthy […]