Poison surrounds our lives From the air we breathe To the water we drink To the food we eat To the thoughts we think The clothes that we wear The products for our hair The cosmetics and detergents Detoxification is urgent Me must rid ourselves of the corruption Which seeks to cause harm and destruction […]

Open Your Eyes

I don’t have a poem to write today but I do have something to say. Seems like in the last couple of weeks my eyes have been opened to the reality of this world, and the lack of love of the people. I am not surprised by this but I am surprised by the lack […]

My Experience

I’m not no rock-n-roll fan But I groove to the sounds of a Band Of Gypsy — Eyes Their melodic theories hypnotize Me, hip me To the game of a sound change Elevating to a Purple Haze, You Got Me Floating Above the sound of the Crosstown Traffic And all the havoc Of Machine Gun, […]