The Will of God

“We are all from one thing/The will of God/Thank you God” –John Coltrane , Psalm- A Love Supreme Seems like everyone’s always worried about where they’re going I rarely see folks thinking about where they’re from And I don’t mean what country or state or city or block I mean that place of original thought […]

Original Peoples

When I look at my people I see a rainbow of colors Living documents of the nations traversed Standing proof of creation Evolution Transition Survival And change From the deepest ebony to the creamiest vanilla The caramel and brown sugar in between My people The original people From which all can be created My people […]


Don’t speak for me This is the land of the free Not follow me on bended knee Don’t represent me as you claim liberty Your bombs for freedom are deceptive Your job is not to play detective Or savior to the lost Devastating every border you cross Claiming to be fighting for the people When […]

All I Can

John Coltrane opens up the Psalm – A Love Supreme saying: “I will do all I can to be worthy of Thee O Lord/It all has to do with it/Thank you God” This speaks to my true ambition, goal and aim. Shouldn’t it be all of our goals to work our way to being worthy […]