Using Lies as Alibis

I’m surprised That’s I’m still hurt by your lies I’m surprised that You can look me in my eyes And tell me a blatant lie I’m surprised that You say you love me Then live your life like a secret spy I’m surprised that a woke AF sister like me I keep letting you slide […]

What Does John Coltrane Mean To Me?

What does John Coltrane mean to me? Everything! John Coltrane set me free I mean I recognize God in each person But the reflection of Him in John Coltrane’s sound is so certain It so present and so ubiquitous Evoking God into your very soul Repeated listening is the only way to get with this […]

Peace In The Mother Land

“Well I dislike war–period, you know. So therefore, as far as I’m concerned it should stop; it should have been stopped, and any other war. Now as far as to say, to understand the issues behind it; I don’t understand the issues behind it well enough to tell you just how this can be brought […]

Open Your Eyes

I don’t have a poem to write today but I do have something to say. Seems like in the last couple of weeks my eyes have been opened to the reality of this world, and the lack of love of the people. I am not surprised by this but I am surprised by the lack […]

Love Lost?

The question of love is one that many ponder Many spend their life looking for love Lost in a world of disappointment they wander Searching outside of self for satisfaction Looking for some type of completion Thinking love is an interaction Although teachers through all the ages Have told us that love is within And […]