That One Initial Beat

I want you to feel your heart beat Really feel it pumping Transporting all you need From your head to your feet Moving the oxygen you breathe With no heart there’s no life So it only makes sense that It all started with a beat  ❤ All of life started With that one initial beat […]

She Sleeps-Video

I recently posted a poem entitled While My Lady Sleeps. It was written to John Coltrane’s composition of the same title. After performing this piece I realized that it is best when spoken. So in order to get the message across the way in which I envisioned I have created a video with the poem, […]

While My Lady Sleeps

This Thursday October 20th I will be performing at a program to support Maternal Health as a Human Right. I was asked by my dear doula Maddy to write a poem and I humbly accepted. The inspiration for this piece is the story of Tatia Malika Oden French and the fire that fuels the work […]