Do you seek accelerated growth? Are you ready to make a long awaited change but feel blocked, shutdown or stuck? Do you see yourself repeating negative patterns? Are you in need of a release of the emotional stress built up from your past? Do you feel held back by traumatic life experiences or […]


Poison surrounds our lives From the air we breathe To the water we drink To the food we eat To the thoughts we think The clothes that we wear The products for our hair The cosmetics and detergents Detoxification is urgent Me must rid ourselves of the corruption Which seeks to cause harm and destruction […]

Get Your Ears Cleaned

Now I understand what my father meant when he’d say “You need to get your ears cleaned. Put on some Coltrane.” It took me 28 years to really know what it meant, and to feel and experience the cleansing; it truly goes beyond the ears, even to the depths of your soul. I don’t know […]

Break The Cycle

Tear Pierce Erase Dissolve Interrupt Remove Let’s just break The cycle The cycle of abuse The cycle of violence The cycle of self-hate, shame and ignorance Turn our perspective around Release us from the mental slavery that bounds Restore our enlightened eye Give us perspective that illuminates our soul Renew our intuition Allow us to […]

Becoming Anew

I nominate Sam for his piece “From My Window” He made me remember my city nights in SF.     Becoming anew Listening Believing Trusting Learning Changing Growing Maturing Transitioning Metamorphosing Becoming anew In this life That is what we do Exceeding those rife With despair Ascending our souls Still — in midair Absolute, total, […]

No Stepping Out Tonight

No stepping out tonight I’ve got my mind right And my goals in sight So, no stepping out tonight I won’t be shaking my thing To the sound of the swing I won’t be popping bottles Dressing up like a top model Won’t be no count down from 10 I probably won’t even see 2011 […]

Can You Stand? (Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally- Week 30)

Can You Stand? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery When Bob said it we weren’t listening Just look at the state we’re living in The people are suffering each and everyday And everybody got so much to say But the words that they speak Come out so weak With no substance, and no hope They walk […]