Connecting The Dots: #ImAWalkingProtest

Connecting The Dots: Why I wear warpaint. #ImAWalkingProtest


    Do you seek accelerated growth? Are you ready to make a long awaited change but feel blocked, shutdown or stuck? Do you see yourself repeating negative patterns? Are you in need of a release of the emotional stress built up from your past? Do you feel held back by traumatic life experiences or […]

Politically Incorrect

When did it become taboo to talk about God? Seriously. I’m trying to trace it back in history and I cannot find the exact point that turned God into an unmentionable subject. I know I’m young (80’s born) and I haven’t seen too many major changes occur, but the shift of this generations thinking is […]

Fire and Air

This entry was inspired by Poetry Potluck Mondays ( ). Thanks for the invite. Seeing as their subject matter this week is Natures Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water I found it a great opportunity to finally write a poem about the astrological signs in my family. I am an Aquarius, my husband a Aries, […]