Do you seek accelerated growth? Are you ready to make a long awaited change but feel blocked, shutdown or stuck? Do you see yourself repeating negative patterns? Are you in need of a release of the emotional stress built up from your past? Do you feel held back by traumatic life experiences or […]

Politically Incorrect

When did it become taboo to talk about God? Seriously. I’m trying to trace it back in history and I cannot find the exact point that turned God into an unmentionable subject. I know I’m young (80’s born) and I haven’t seen too many major changes occur, but the shift of this generations thinking is […]

Fire and Air

This entry was inspired by Poetry Potluck Mondays ( ). Thanks for the invite. Seeing as their subject matter this week is Natures Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water I found it a great opportunity to finally write a poem about the astrological signs in my family. I am an Aquarius, my husband a Aries, […]

A Message to the Young Lady

Your True Worth Girls, Little Ladies Princesses and Super Stars Look deep inside yourself And see who you truly are You have been created Different from all other beings To have the gift of life, live and compassion Do you know what that really means? From your toes to your head You were created Each […]