What Does John Coltrane Mean To Me?

What does John Coltrane mean to me? Everything! John Coltrane set me free I mean I recognize God in each person But the reflection of Him in John Coltrane’s sound is so certain It so present and so ubiquitous Evoking God into your very soul Repeated listening is the only way to get with this […]

One Thought

“One thought can produce millions of vibrations/And they all go back to God/Everything does/Thank you God” –John Coltrane, Psalm – A Love Supreme From one thought to everything And anything in between All returning to the source of peace The epitome of love The one true vibration of harmony From which we all began God […]

Get Your Ears Cleaned

Now I understand what my father meant when he’d say “You need to get your ears cleaned. Put on some Coltrane.” It took me 28 years to really know what it meant, and to feel and experience the cleansing; it truly goes beyond the ears, even to the depths of your soul. I don’t know […]