Coltrane Challenge – Day 1

Yesterday I began my Coltrane Immergence Week in hopes of getting my ears cleaned. As I continue this journey up Mystic Mountain, searching for true meaning and discipline, I have been reminded that my spiritual guide is the music and wisdom of John Coltrane. After just one day of blocking out the negative vibrations of […]

Can You Stand? (Jingle’s Thursday Poetry Rally- Week 30)

Can You Stand? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery When Bob said it we weren’t listening Just look at the state we’re living in The people are suffering each and everyday And everybody got so much to say But the words that they speak Come out so weak With no substance, and no hope They walk […]

Fire and Air

This entry was inspired by Poetry Potluck Mondays ( ). Thanks for the invite. Seeing as their subject matter this week is Natures Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water I found it a great opportunity to finally write a poem about the astrological signs in my family. I am an Aquarius, my husband a Aries, […]