Awake Eyes Darken My Blue Skies

It’s time to get up

Feel like someone’s been hitting the snooze

And now we bout to loose

Sight of what really matters

Of what make us…US

It’s time to get up

Stay woke

Not eyes wide shut

But 3rd eye open

Beyond wishing and hoping

To that place of knowing



See through all the lies

Move beyond the try

To the do

Cuz real eyes

Yeah they realize

Them real lies

And move beyond the comfort dream of blue skies

Cuz there’s a storm on the way

We talking hurricanes and tornadoes

Old things being washed away

Purification of mind, body, and spirit

You gotta hear it

Feel and believe it to know

You’re connected by your soul

To the Great Creator

Bigger and better

Than anything in this world of beyond

The only shoulder you need to lean on

Creator of blue skies

So don’t be afraid to open those eyes

And keep them on the prize





That’s what I’m looking to see

For everybody

Not just you and me

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