What a treat

So sweet

To meet and greet

Those seeking peace, love and sympathetic resonance

Like a celestial romance

We dance this dance

Vibrating higher and higher

Entering trance and entrainment

Beyond entertainment

From performance to transformance

This time spent

Like a holy sacrament

A rite of passage

A gateway to the Universal Consciousness

And to my astonishment

We only 2 days in

2 dais to win

2 days to transcend

If we just dive in

To these celestial waters

So let’s take a trip

Let us sip

From the universal cup of inspiration




Sometimes you gotta take a step into the dark

To see the light

Ain’t bout living a life of spite

Or bold lines about what’s right

It’s about what is

And how can we make it the best it can be

A standard that is set by God Almighty

A true deep understanding of A Love Supreme

More than just singing I have a dream

Living a lifestyle that’s clean

Setting a good example of what being woke is

Stay on point

Ready to go

In the know

Ain’s afraid to show

What it is

What it should be

Number 1 priority

Under my own authority

Never compromise my sovereignty

God made me in the image

3rd Eye Knowledge

5th Dimension

Been in the game

Since birth, Coltrane



Super Sonic




Under no authority

But God

Yes God and Me

Insulting and directing me

Everyday when I quietly pray

In meditation several times a day

Free medicine

Just had some today

Good for you

Mind, body, and brain

Use it daily just to maintain

And reduce the strain

Plant based diet

Got me feeling brand new

I exercise

Don’t chase Piakchu

Team ME

I just gotta free write

To keep me right

Keep my shit tight

Remind myself It’s gonna be alright

Been searching for a longtime

And if you seek, you shall find

What I’ve found is myself

The one I had put on the shelf

The one I had dimmed down

Turned down the sound

But this NIGGA’s found






All hinderances and fears have been abolished

Shining like I’m wiped in polish

Straight flawless

Making shit happen

I’m the Captain

Of my life’s ship

And I’m on a trip

Bout to take a dip

In celestial waters

Raising sacred daughters

Return of the matriarch

Brand new start

Leading with the heart

Knowledge Divine Truth

I’m living proof

Whole complete, yet compatible

I’m the one that you rally for

Team ME

Yeah I’m wit it!

Everybody wanna hear me spit it

Cuz it’s truth in the booth

Planning revolutions like I’m the spook in the book

Ghosting suckas that’s shook

It’s a whole new look

Lifestyle and way of life

Wanna change the world

Gotta start in-world

Inside yourself, your being

The way you living

The way you seeing

A new beginning

Where you always winning

Team ME

That’s where you wanna be

Team ME

Divine not lucky

Team ME

Whole and complete

Team ME

Is the best

Won’t flunk no test

There’s nothing to contest

Team ME Absolutely

I’m shinning, look at me

Look at me!

Shinning like a black diamond

Quick Freestyle

Quick freestyle

To get me in the zone

Sitting on the beach

Whole different time zone

Same flow

Same me

Just turned up to the 9th degree

Never stopping

The spirit from flowing

Just going…with it

Cuz the intention is uplifted

Never twisted

Always in the right

Direction, using meditation

For elevation


Sounding off

Letting the world know

Ain’t nothing to it

Just OM

Bring yourself home

Back to the source

Truth and life

Back to the creation of all sight…consciousness

And manifestation there of

Wisdom to know others, self

And separation from self

Whole ‘notha level

Don’t be disheveled

Focus on your Holy Temple

Self healing

To be whole

Deconstructing the delusions

That suffocate your life

Opening your vessel to a place unknown

But steadily searched for

Be bold in becoming aware

Your duty

Your right

You must attain Divine Insight


Sometimes you just gotta let the pen flow

Let the feelings go

Just see what happens

When the paper meets pen

Free unhinged

No judgement

No rhyme or reason

Helping the thoughts of your mind

Sublime or condensate

Taking thoughts and putting them

In forms so others can relate

Don’t matter the topic or theme

Can be real life

Or fantasy like a dream

Don’t matter if the grammars correct

Or the spelling is proper

Just get it out

Just write and don’t stop




or Imagine

Put pen to pad

And make it happen

This poem is birthed whole I wait

For a coffee meeting

Instead of phone scrolling

Social media viewing

I keep a pen and a pad

To keep me moving

Awake Eyes Darken My Blue Skies

It’s time to get up

Feel like someone’s been hitting the snooze

And now we bout to loose

Sight of what really matters

Of what make us…US

It’s time to get up

Stay woke

Not eyes wide shut

But 3rd eye open

Beyond wishing and hoping

To that place of knowing



See through all the lies

Move beyond the try

To the do

Cuz real eyes

Yeah they realize

Them real lies

And move beyond the comfort dream of blue skies

Cuz there’s a storm on the way

We talking hurricanes and tornadoes

Old things being washed away

Purification of mind, body, and spirit

You gotta hear it

Feel and believe it to know

You’re connected by your soul

To the Great Creator

Bigger and better

Than anything in this world of beyond

The only shoulder you need to lean on

Creator of blue skies

So don’t be afraid to open those eyes

And keep them on the prize





That’s what I’m looking to see

For everybody

Not just you and me

All I Wanted

Seems like all I gotta do is be black and die

But what I want to do is be black and thrive

Can’t believe we still living this lie

American Dreaming

While they scheming

Full of demons and lies

But we believing, and even knowing

We too strong

We too strong

To keep going on

Without standing up

So we standing up

For justice

For Truth

For survival

They coming even harder

Killing sons and fathers

Taking everyone to the slaughter

Same old song

They built nations on

Been fighting for 400 years

Fighting even harder to dispel our fears

And now the end is near

But our greatness

Our history

Our crowns is showing

And now we glowing

Cuz all I wanna do is be free

Be black

Be me


We no fear of anything

I just wanna live…

Melanin Heavy

If I could take account

For every time you made to shout

Scream, cry, sob, and yell

I still couldn’t tell

The burden I carry

Being melanin heavy

This brown skin

Exuding black pride

Is just why the vision of me

Makes your spirit hide

And your white supremacy shine

And your hate of my race

Is a sin you can’t escape

Because if I could take account

For every time you made me shout

Scream, cry, sob, and yell

I still couldn’t tell

The burden I carry

Being melanin heavy

From the first entry in my land

We lent a haleping hand

Teaching you the ways of time and space

Agriculture to Zoology

You we embraced

But your spirit dimmed

And pride grew

And little understanding came from you

So now you got half the story

And all the weapons

An infant in need of a lesson

A child in this cosmic life

Who has done childish things

That brings grief to my heart

When I stop and think

That you really, truly believe

That your finite time on Mother Earth

The place of this birth

Is meant to be spent

Paying rent

Manifesting your destiny

Through money, oppression, and destruction

Raping the continent of it’s people and it’s resources

To waste

And the only trace

You leave is your giant carbon footprint

I want to be more

I want to be more than a carbon footprint when I die

I want to do more than say I tried

I want to excel and succeed

I want to give the people what they need

I want to be more than a carbon footprint

That lead to the Earth’s demise

I want to be one of the wise