What is Mystic Mountain?

Mystic Mountain is a journey, maybe even a pilgrimage of my soul. I aspire to be in union with creation. So that my steps are taken in confidence knowing that each one brings me closer to the summit. The highest peak of my enlightenment and spirit. A balance that takes your breath away. Like standing at the highest point on earth. Where the air is just thick enough for you to breathe but just thin enough to keep your mind from being anywhere else but present. If you are brave enough to take this journey with me, I hope that your being is elevated to the highest peak.

I catalouge this journey in catagories so that I know my entire being is progressing.

Movements of my Soul: are poems spoken from my soul. Sometimes I feel words moving from my soul and willing their way into existence at which point they must be released. Here I share those creations with you.

Anointed Aspirations of my Heart: are my hearts journey in motherhood. Bringing life into this plane allowed me to feel my divinity. Each day that I live I am aspiring to move in anointed measures, molding these beings with the purest love of my heart.

Monologues of my mind: are thoughts I must express. Taming one’s thoughts is a daily exercise requiring much patience and much practice. Monologues of my mind are my attempts to direct my thoughts in a form of fluid expression.

Wholesome Nourishment of my Well-Being: are reflections on my health. We have all heard health is wealth, so I make a conscience effort to ingest and invest in those things what make me whole

Renditions of my Love: are my love in words. Being a whole being includes loving completely. One of the most complex subject matters. For love overtakes logic, and can confuse the mind.


Want more of the journey? Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Marlee-I Mystic) and follow my video blog “Journey To The Summit”

9 thoughts on “What is Mystic Mountain?

  1. Impressive how you’ve worked this all out. Looks like yours is a new blog and you gave it considerable thought. Well done… Good luck! Look forward to more rom you.

    Enjoy yourself …

  2. One Mind! I’m so excited about all your categories! As of lately the Peach Pit seems to hold nothing but poetry but I’m re-evaluating things in my life and imma have to start talking about my spiritual journey that starts here in my new year…I love u! yay!!!

  3. Great and beautiful idea for a website. Keep writing and inspiring us. I especially like your poems on Motherhood. One Mind, donna

  4. This is my quest as well.
    I have met that one called The Holy Spirit!!
    With that meeting has come serious enlighten.ent.
    I can be and have become one with Him\Her;
    GENDER has its place but both are halves of a whole.

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