Quick Freestyle

Quick freestyle

To get me in the zone

Sitting on the beach

Whole different time zone

Same flow

Same me

Just turned up to the 9th degree

Never stopping

The spirit from flowing

Just going…with it

Cuz the intention is uplifted

Never twisted

Always in the right

Direction, using meditation

For elevation


Sounding off

Letting the world know

Ain’t nothing to it

Just OM

Bring yourself home

Back to the source

Truth and life

Back to the creation of all sight…consciousness

And manifestation there of

Wisdom to know others, self

And separation from self

Whole ‘notha level

Don’t be disheveled

Focus on your Holy Temple

Self healing

To be whole

Deconstructing the delusions

That suffocate your life

Opening your vessel to a place unknown

But steadily searched for

Be bold in becoming aware

Your duty

Your right

You must attain Divine Insight

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