Team ME

I just gotta free write

To keep me right

Keep my shit tight

Remind myself It’s gonna be alright

Been searching for a longtime

And if you seek, you shall find

What I’ve found is myself

The one I had put on the shelf

The one I had dimmed down

Turned down the sound

But this NIGGA’s found






All hinderances and fears have been abolished

Shining like I’m wiped in polish

Straight flawless

Making shit happen

I’m the Captain

Of my life’s ship

And I’m on a trip

Bout to take a dip

In celestial waters

Raising sacred daughters

Return of the matriarch

Brand new start

Leading with the heart

Knowledge Divine Truth

I’m living proof

Whole complete, yet compatible

I’m the one that you rally for

Team ME

Yeah I’m wit it!

Everybody wanna hear me spit it

Cuz it’s truth in the booth

Planning revolutions like I’m the spook in the book

Ghosting suckas that’s shook

It’s a whole new look

Lifestyle and way of life

Wanna change the world

Gotta start in-world

Inside yourself, your being

The way you living

The way you seeing

A new beginning

Where you always winning

Team ME

That’s where you wanna be

Team ME

Divine not lucky

Team ME

Whole and complete

Team ME

Is the best

Won’t flunk no test

There’s nothing to contest

Team ME Absolutely

I’m shinning, look at me

Look at me!

Shinning like a black diamond

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