Sometimes you gotta take a step into the dark

To see the light

Ain’t bout living a life of spite

Or bold lines about what’s right

It’s about what is

And how can we make it the best it can be

A standard that is set by God Almighty

A true deep understanding of A Love Supreme

More than just singing I have a dream

Living a lifestyle that’s clean

Setting a good example of what being woke is

Stay on point

Ready to go

In the know

Ain’s afraid to show

What it is

What it should be

Number 1 priority

Under my own authority

Never compromise my sovereignty

God made me in the image

3rd Eye Knowledge

5th Dimension

Been in the game

Since birth, Coltrane



Super Sonic




Under no authority

But God

Yes God and Me

Insulting and directing me

Everyday when I quietly pray

In meditation several times a day

Free medicine

Just had some today

Good for you

Mind, body, and brain

Use it daily just to maintain

And reduce the strain

Plant based diet

Got me feeling brand new

I exercise

Don’t chase Piakchu

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