Quick Free Write

Time to pick up the pen again

Filling the time

With a little rhyme

Always help me clear my mind

Been in my feelings

Still open and willing

To find my healing

To secure my place

Lead by grace

Face what I gotta face

There is no escape

From what must be done

And the time is now

Don’t ask how

Just move


Melanin Heavy

If I could take account

For every time you made to shout

Scream, cry, sob, and yell

I still couldn’t tell

The burden I carry

Being melanin heavy

This brown skin

Exuding black pride

Is just why the vision of me

Makes your spirit hide

And your white supremacy shine

And your hate of my race

Is a sin you can’t escape

Because if I could take account

For every time you made me shout

Scream, cry, sob, and yell

I still couldn’t tell

The burden I carry

Being melanin heavy

From the first entry in my land

We lent a haleping hand

Teaching you the ways of time and space

Agriculture to Zoology

You we embraced

But your spirit dimmed

And pride grew

And little understanding came from you

So now you got half the story

And all the weapons

An infant in need of a lesson

A child in this cosmic life

Who has done childish things

That brings grief to my heart

When I stop and think

That you really, truly believe

That your finite time on Mother Earth

The place of this birth

Is meant to be spent

Paying rent

Manifesting your destiny

Through money, oppression, and destruction

Raping the continent of it’s people and it’s resources

To waste

And the only trace

You leave is your giant carbon footprint

I want to be more

I want to be more than a carbon footprint when I die

I want to do more than say I tried

I want to excel and succeed

I want to give the people what they need

I want to be more than a carbon footprint

That lead to the Earth’s demise

I want to be one of the wise

No Problem

I’m bout to write myself out this funk

People been calling me with all they junk

Feeling like what the fuck

Been trying to move forward

But I’m feeling stuck

Can’t stand when people come in my space

With negative vibrations

Throwing off my balance

Making me show my talons

Slice ’em up

Spit ’em out

Scream and shout

That ain’t what I’m about

I’m trying to find the truth

Be the living proof

Of what it look like

When you work hard

On yourself

Control your thoughts

Not lead by emotion

No magic potion

Hard work and determination

To not be lead by Satan

Or the ill vibes

The bad that hide as the good

The ones who tell you what you should

Or what you did

Or who you are

Or what you know

Cuz they never know

Don’t even know themselves

How you gone walk my trail

It’s a trail of tears

Shedding fears

Stepping bold


Freeing my soul

100% Sovereign

No problem

Cuz I’m royalty

No problem

I got an army with me

No problem

I been a straight shooter

No problem

Keep it so real

They call me the real deal

No problem

Shit I ain’t gotta

No problem

I don’t even pick them up

No problem

Go inward to solve them

No problem

Transmute them into opportunities

No problems

And I don’t want none


Using Lies as Alibis

I’m surprised

That’s I’m still hurt by your lies

I’m surprised that

You can look me in my eyes

And tell me a blatant lie

I’m surprised that

You say you love me

Then live your life like a secret spy

I’m surprised that a woke AF sister like me

I keep letting you slide

Based on a lie

Parked in my favorite reflective spot

I had to take a minute and get some space

Cuz this nigga be lying to my face

And I don’t feel safe

In a home where truth is not sacred

Where ego and pride and hiding are more common place

I don’t feel safe for my emotional self

Cuz lying ass niggas bring the violence out in me

Wanna bust you in the mouth

Where those lies spout out

Want to pluck out your eyes

That strive so hard to remain in contact

Without revealing the window to the soul

The window to the dark and dank place

That is seeping through your skin

Your words

Every verb

An action toward

The father of lies

Serving Satan without even trying

Deception and lies has become your 2nd nature

Maybe even the 1st

Cuz faking this truth

Faking this love

Faking this connection

Was never natural for you.

Your Love

You love me

Like a flower picked in the field

You love me at your own will

You love me like that fresh picked flower

To bask in my beauty hour after hour

You love me enough to place me gently in a vase

Sit me on a table right in center place

You love me enough to point me out to others

And I love you without cause

But you don’t love me enough

Not enough to let me live

To leave me in the field where I can thrive

You don’t love me enough to give me life

You don’t love me enough to nuture the earth I come from

You don’t love me enough to let me soak up the sun

You don’t love me enough to let me join the circle of life

You don’t love me like a wife

You don’t love me enough

You just love me for self

You just love me for how I look on the shelf or on your arm

You just love me for the knowledge I pass on

You just love me for the beauty I bring to you

But you don’t love me enough to be true

Coltrane, Yoga, & Restoration


Sound Healing for Mind, Body, and Soul: The Music of John Coltrane How do the sounds of John Coltrane and the practice of Iyengar yoga overlap? What is sound healing?

Come be restored and uplifted!

Before the sound bath experience guided by Marlee-I, Renee will teach a short series of balancing and quieting postures. The sequence is aimed at creating space – vertical extension and horizontal expansion – in the body and mind in order to prepare for the sound healing experience. Suitable for all levels.

Space is limited be sure to reserve your spot: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/ASP/main_enroll.asp?studioid=10212&tg=&vt=&lvl=&stype=-105&view=day&trn=100000232&page=&catid=&prodid=&date=8%2f5%2f2017&classid=0&prodGroupId=&sSU=&optForwardingLink=&qParam=&justloggedin=&nLgIn=&pMode=0&loc=1

About our Yoga Instructor: Renee Razzano has practiced Iyengar yoga since 2002 and is a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher. She believes in the power of a yoga practice to transform individuals and communities, and the power of music to awaken emotion and contribute to healing. Renee is looking forward to leading the group through a series of simple poses to soothe mind and body. While being surrounded by healing vibrations.



About our Sound Practitioner: As a life long member and minister in the St. John Coltrane Church, Marlee-I embraces and acknowledges the ability of music to heal, transcend all borders, inspire action and elevate the consciousness of the planet. Marlee-I is looking forward to holding the group in the sacred sound of John Coltrane as they move through the restorative poses and creating a sound bath experience for balancing mind, body, and spirit.








4 months of #ConnectingTheDots
I’ve had so many interactions and conversations about culture and equality and micro acts of justice. I am thankful for all the encouragement, acknowledgement, and positive responses. Some people tell me they don’t even see the protest, the just see the beauty. Others say it’s a powerful protest to see you walking into every space with that statement on your face. Others say don’t you think you should give it a break? Some say justice will never come so I better be ready to wear this #WarPaint to the grave. They got so much things to say… But regardless of the positive or negative feedback #ImAWalkingProtest and no its not easy. You are looking at a woman who before July 7th would only wear makeup for special occasions, and that meant some eyeshadow and some lipstick. But this #WarPaint4Change is a serious commitment, and I’m fully committed. It’s not about being cute (although I think it’s beautiful) it’s about stirring up the world. It’s about getting people to think about more than what’s on the surface. It’s about connecting myself and you to the roots of this struggle. It’s about changing presumptions and reaching understanding. It’s about being authentic. It’s about #BlackLivesMatter #BlackUNITY #JusticeOrElse
It’s about #Love and #Empowerment for my people and for myself.
And I pray that other women, men, and children will embrace their traditions and bring them to their everyday. Not just special occasions or events. But everyday stage a #PersonalProtest