What Does John Coltrane Mean To Me?

What does John Coltrane mean to me?


John Coltrane set me free

I mean I recognize God in each person

But the reflection of Him in John

Coltrane’s sound is so certain

It so present and so ubiquitous

Evoking God into your very soul

Repeated listening is the only way to get with this

Just like prayer is required repeatedly

Well listening is the same

And for me is even clearer to see

The power of God

Changing and rebuilding

Moving barriers and providing understanding

Linking me with the Divine

Coltrane helps to clear my mind

Keep me on track

Moving forward never looking back

I mean John Coltrane has formed my life

Since the womb I been receiving

The initial thought pattern that changes thinking

I’m born in sound

Not just any sound

The anointed sound

Above others by leaps and bounds

Able to lift you up from the ground

That’s what Coltrane means to me

And so much more

Just open your ears and see

See the abundance and unity

See the sincere expression of spirituality

See the struggle and the victory

See yourself elevate consciously

Just open your ears and see

In fact, open your ears and be

Be transformed and renewed

Be steadfast in all you pursue

Understand that you too can be a force for good

You can be an example of how we should

Walk righteously

Taking each step decidedly

This is what John Coltrane does for me

And so much more

Being held in his sound

Embraces me at the core

In my waking hours or in my sleep

I feel the vibration penetrate total and complete

Activating my relaxation response

Attributing to my healing renaissance

More powerful than any sound ever before heard

His horn even speaks words

Directly to my soul

Speaking truths

Getting my mind under control

And if his horn wasn’t enough

His pearls of wisdom get me through the tough

Times of inhibition

Keeps me focused and reminded of the mission

The words of wisdom of John Coltrane

Take in-depth topics and makes them plain

From cosmic studies to metaphysics

Coltrane makes them so simplistic

Speaking on religious ideals

Struggles that are so real

Coltrane knows how I feel

And has compassion for my shortcomings

Helps me to love my self

He keeps the love coming

So, like I said from the start

John Coltrane means EVERYTHING to me

He opens my heart




That’s what needs to happen

The suffering of this world

Is way above our heads

Wickedness is ruling

Going full steam ahead

Wrongs are now right

In this everlasting fight

Realities and fictions are now one

Brainwashing the people

With forces of destruction

Compassion is what needs to happen

No more can we feed the greed

Gotta nurture the seeds

Endow them with truth and wisdom

Teach ‘em to keep their eye on the kingdom

To live love in action

That’s compassion


A quick poem written February 25, 2005 but even more relevant today

When I look in the mirror

I see a reflection of many struggles

Those fought by many soldiers

Who strived for something better

Something that started as only a hope or a dream

A thought

To realize it one would never have seen

Each part and each section

Was fundamental to the rest

And each one had to face it’s individual test

But where does this reflection that I see fit into the puzzle

Must I speak up before my words are muzzled?

And confined

Locked up

Looking through bars it’s behind

Or do I sit back and reflect

Leaving others in neglect?

Stand up for justice #BlackLivesMatter

Master Creators

Time flying by

As we continue to try

And grow

Steadily expanding

And demanding

The world to give us what we need

To grant us our desires

To align our desires with the yearning of our soul

To completely make us whole

Day after day

Year after year

Time after time

We continue to find ourselves



Patiently anticipating

The coming of all things

Great and small

The abundance of the universe belongs to us all

We create our reality

Our true existence

Nothing is a mistake or coincidence

Universal laws

The same ones that rule the stars

Hold us in orbit

Anchored to our thoughts

Our emotions

Our focus

Whether we drift

Or we backslide

We are all along for the ride

Spinning and twisting

In the vortex of possibilities

Some not knowing who they are

Just bystanders

Instead of Captains

Maneuvering their starship

Through focus

And good vibrations

Master creators

Saviors of nations




Black man caught with a knife
In a gun fight
Pigs say I’m afraid for my life
Pigs shot him dead
Shot to kill is the rule of the day
Don’t wound when you can blow a nigga away
They kill I and I
While we stand around with cameras and watch
If it was you
What would you do?
Would you stand around and take a picture or two?
Or do you think you would shoot a brother too?
Young black man dead
I and I don’t know not his true name
Down right dirty rotten shame
And we all know whose to blame
I and I not fooled by your high shrewd lying games

Jerusalem Slim

Stop The Violence: Raw Footage Of St. Louis Man With Knife Being Shot Down And Killed By Police Near Ferguson [Video]

Ocean of Truth

Oh ocean of truth
Take me in your bosom
Envelop me completely
Let the tide rip away my pride
And spread me wide
To cover the globe
And heal my soul
Let the blue green shallows
Purify my throat and heart
Love inspired communication
To heal the nation
Embrace me in your rapid foams of white light
Divine inspiration constantly rolling in
As I move deeper and further from the comfort of the shore
To the destination of the ocean floor
Where no light is found
Yet life prevails and abounds
Oh ocean of truth
Take me to a place of knowing without needing proof
Free me from the bondage of land
Rock me in your waves
Soothe me to understand
Without a plan
Give me peace in the billows storm
Solitude in the crowd
Help me to stand proud
And emerge from the depths
With nothing left
A new creature
Creating a new habitat
A new earth
A new understanding
A piece of peace
Dwelling in me and all I meet
Oh ocean of truth
Catch me when I fall
And teach me not to drift
But direct
Conscious and erect
Every ready to protect
The mission and divine will
Working for the future
Yet ever present
Oh ocean of truth
Wash me clean

Right Now

My heart is smiling

Right now

I can’t stop the light from

Shining right now

I want the world to

Chime in right now

We gone elevate

Some way some how

Got years on these youth

Tryna show ’em the truth

Leading them in the same way and same path

Hoping that they do the math

Wanting, hoping, wishing

That I remain steadfast

An example, an achiever

One that you look at

And become a believer

 An inspiration for a nation

Leading through the spirit

Never hesitating

Walking in His might

With no need to fight

A Love Supreme the theme

Living so clean

Doing so right

Feeling out of sight

My heart is smiling

So big  right now

Let’s go together

I’ll show you how

My heart is

Smiling right now

I can’t stop the light from

Shining right now

I want the world to

Chime in right now

We gone elevate

Some way, some how